Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nyonya Food at Nancy's Kitchen ...... Melaka, Malaysia

Our Melaka road trip's foodie highlight must have been inside Nancy's Kitchen. If I ask everyone that has been in this trip, I bet everyone would have agreed and some may even suggest another day trip just to feast on Nancy's Nyonya food. We spotted Nancy's kitchen along Jalan Hang Lekir, a branch street along Jonker Street. That afternoon, the restaurant was filled and we only managed to queue for the popiah. We tried to make a reservation but was told that they don't take reservations. Fortunately, our conceige back at the hotel knew Nancy and managed to help us reserve a table in the restaurant.

We were seated on the second floor where we even spotted President Nathan in a photo on the wall. Service was quite good on the second floor, contrary to complains of service lapse in some reviews of Nancy's Kitchen. Many of us still missed Nancy's food and already started talking about making another trip up to Melaka.

We had almost 15 dishes and all within RM200 for 9 of us.

Cincalok Ulam - Fermented Shrimp Salad
A typical nyonya salad. The taste was too raw for me. It's an acquired taste.

Ayam Buah Keras - Chicken Candlenut
Nancy's signature dish that was pass down from generations. The chicken was cooked with candlenut and lemon grass that creates an appetizing flavor.

Sambal Prawn with Bitter Bean

Fried Egg Cincalok
Omelette fried with fermented shrimp

Laksa Nyonya - Nyonya Laksa
Thick and rich coconut base sauce that was very fragrant. HY who normally don't eat Laksa thought that it taste good.

Banana flower with Shrimp
This is the first time I ate the banana flower cooked in nyonya style. Interestingly refreshing taste.

Nangka Lemak - Jack Fruit with Coconut Milk
Cooked in various spices served with coconut and unripe jack fruit

Sambal Belacan
A tasty spicy chilli base dip sauce that is used with nyonya dishes.

Ngoh Hiang - Pork Fried with bean curd skin
Pork wrapped with bean curd skin, deep fried to have the crispy on the outside and sweet juicy pork on the inside.

Babi Pongteh
Stewed pork in slated yellow bean cooked with preserved soya bean and dark sweet soya sauce. This dish was half finished when I started to take a photo of it.

Popiah - Spring Roll
Steamed spring roll served with turnips, cucumber, fresh beans coriander leaf, eggs, garlic and manu other vegetables. A must try at Nancy's.

Pai Tee - Top Hat
Hat shaped cone filled with vegetables

Cendol Birthday Cake
It was HY's birthday, Ade and Jane actually got the kitchen to prepare a special Cendol treat. Ade bougt the candle stand that plays the Happy Birthday Song. HY looked quite touched by their gesture.

Cendol campur campur, all mixed up

Jalan Hang Lekir
Off Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock
Melaka, Malaysia
Tel : 06 2836099

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