Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sakuraya Sashimi House ....... Oiishi Ootoro!

Our stomach were growling after getting our tennis rackets from Queensway Shopping Center. Nobody rejected the notion of Japanese food for dinner.

The nearest Japanese food around the area must have been Sakuraya Sashimi House in Anchorpoint just across the road. Sakuraya started as a fish mart that import fresh Japanese seafood and produce. They had no frills dining at Parkway Parade and in West Coast Plaza. Sakuraya Sashimi House is their venture into the restaurant business. Even though, they haven't made a name as THE sashimi place, being a fresh seafood importer definitely sets a minimum standard.

The Sashimi Set @ S$99
The sashimi set includes maguro, kanpachi, yellowtail, ebi, scallops, cockles and just 3 slices of Ootoro for the 4 of us. The sashimi here was fresh but after we shared the 3 slices of ootoro among the four of us, the other seafood on the platter just wasn't impressive at all. Not that they were no good, it's just that the ootoro was too good. The tender texture and flavourful interlaced omega 3 fats were the main characteristics that made each of us cut the usual banter, pause for moment, to enjoy that private moment with the ootoro. 3 slices just wasn't enough. We ordered another extra set of ootoro.

An order of 5 slices of Ootoro @ S$48
Someone just couldn't wait for me to take the photo and how could I blame anyone?One slice was gone before I manage to capture this alluring prized part of the tuna. HY urged me to quickly get the shot taken. Her chopsticks were already hovering over the ootoro.

The heavenly slice of ootoro before I pop it into my mouth. Oiishiiiiiiiii!

The ootoro was definitely the highlight for last night's dinner. Unfortunately, our pockets wasn't deep enough to just eat ootoro to get our stomach filled. The following are the other less "pocket damaging" dishes apart from sashimi that was not bad.

Soft Shell Crab Maki

Fried Chicken

Service in the restaurant was alright. Just don't expect tip top service. At Sakuraya Sashimi House, sashimi and sushi are definitely the house specialty.

370 Alexandra Road
#01-32 Anchorpoint
Tel : 6474 2495 / 6774 8216

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