Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Truffs ... truffles in its sincerest form

HY has been raving to me about the truffles from Truffs ever since she had tasted it when this chocolate atelier was first opened. I was promised a box. That box of truffles just never came. Today, I decided to buy her the truffles instead.

Truff's handmade truffles are created using traditional French techniques and with finest ingredients from France for that delectable taste to enchant the senses. The truffles here was none of the fanciful truffles for visual appeal. It's the purest simplest form created just for sole purpose of satisfy the human taste buds.

As I stepped into the atelier on the second floor of the conservation shop house, I was warmly hosted with try-outs of the truffles. After the tasting, I think I'll frequent Truffs for a while.

There were 3 types of truffles to choose. All looked similar but different amount and types of cocoas are used. A box of 9 pieces cost S$24 and 18 pieces cost S$45.

What's available .........

55% Equateur Dark Chocolate
This is made with cocoa from the equatorial regions. I was told this is sweeter than the other two.

66% Antilles Dark Chocolate
The cocoa came from the Caribbean islands that tasted slightly fruity and definitely nutty.

70% Honduras Dark Chocolate
This is the one for the bitter chocolate lover. These cocoas came from the Criollo and Trinitario trees from Honduras. It's my favorite among the 3 types.

I bought the 66% and the 70%

Even after putting the truffles in the fridge for 1 day, the ganache inside the crust is still soft and moist

179A Telok Ayer Street
Tel : 65 9088 2736


red fir said...

Buying the truffles for your wife is an excuse to eat them yourself. (:

Unknown said...

Truffles was sincerely for HY. The only regret is that my stomach for truffles is twice that of hers :)

Truff's truffles is the second yummy truffles I had in 2 weeks. The other one was from Ulimana that my colleague brought back from the States.


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