Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday afternoon's simple indulgence

Being a nice husband, I made it a point to send HY to the start point of the Shape Run this morning, wait for her at the finishing line and snapped some photos as she reached the finishing line. I don't know if it's my personal fetish or what but I liked watching the composure, the look of determination on HY's face every time she reaches the finishing line. Looking at all the lady power at play doing their utmost to finish their run, my feet itch to burn some rubber. After lunch, HY was headed for a girls meet-up. The afternoon is all for my mischiefs ......

Told you that my feet was itching ...... So I did a slow 10km at East Coast Parkway at 2pm, complete it at 3.06pm walked back home and then did a 1km slow swim in the pool. Feeling a little tired, I did a 30mins power nap.

At 4.40pm my stomach was feeling the effects of my early afternoon activities. I open my fridge to discover the source of my simple Sunday afternoon's indulgence.

Lemnos "The Australian Cheese"
Garlic and Chives Cream Cheese
Just bought this cream cheese this morning at NTUC Finest. I got the cheese spread into a few slices of bread accompanied by a glass of Vietnamese Coffee. The cream cheese was rich, milky and I liked the enhanced flavours added by the garlic and chives. This cream cheese and bread, although simple, was satisfying. Mmmmm.......

Paris Mai Coffee from Cafe Mai in Hanoi
What's more indulging then having a cup of fragrant civet cat coffee with my personal Bodum Assam glass. My well kept stash of civet cat coffee powder still maintain its fragrance even after more than 6 months. All I did was to keep the coffee powder air tight and refrigerated.

Even though it's just a lonely chill-out Sunday afternoon doing a little reading over simple cream cheese and coffee, it made me beam inside out. That's just the simple things that just made simple me happy.

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