Sunday, November 23, 2008

House @ Dempsey Hill ........... Brunch in the Barracks Cafe

I've written about House @ Dempsey Hill for their deserts and drinks. Apart from the creative deserts and drinks, they serve good Brunch too!. The creativity in the menu is thanks to Chef Ho who likes to mix and match different preparations to Western and Eastern dishes.
Inside House. You'll notice a young yuppy crowd ..........

All the chairs are different at different tables ..........

My gingerly peppermint tea ...........

Barracks Freeform eggs - Two eggs any style you want! Scrambled, Poached, Sunny-Side Up, served with Chipolata Sausages, Rose tomatoes and mushron ragout .......... My order was done with the Sunny-Side Up.

Old Fashion American Sliders - a pair of hotbuns. Mini burgers served with a mixture of sweet potato and truffle fries.

I like this sweet potato fries! The orange ones are the sweet potato fries with the regular fries.

Address : 8D Dempsey Road, Dempsey Hill

Tel : +65 6476 6050

Country : Singapore


Anonymous said...

Wow, those fries look scrumptious! Thanks for sharing your experience!

Anonymous said...

very cool stuff.

I'm loving this blog, bumped into you on foodbuzz and am loving every bit of it.

All yer photos are greee-at fella.


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